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13 Jul 2020

Peptan Runners: Hooked on running | Paula Rossi

The thought of challenging myself, as well as improving my health and fitness, seemed like a no-brainer....


09 Jul 2020

Peptan Runners: Running has made me feel happier and more energized | Peterson Godoi

Joining the Peptan Runners team was a big step forward for my health...


11 Jun 2020

Peptan Runners: Keeping mind and body in balance | Marcelo

There are so many benefits to the Peptan Runners program. The team organizes training and events for us, while specialized professionals give us technical support and nutritional advice......


05 Jun 2020

Peptan Runners: Learning to love running | Amanda

The Peptan Runners program has brought benefits to everyone: it encourages us all to be physically active, as well as meet people from other departments....