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13 Jul 2020

Peptan Runners: Hooked on running | Paula Rossi

As soon as I heard about the Peptan Runners program, I wanted to get involved. Before that, I had only ever walked; I’d never done anything like serious running training. So the thought of challengi...


09 Jul 2020

Peptan Runners: Running is a fun way to socialize with colleagues | Ademir

I already spend a lot of time cycling and swimming, but I wanted to add another physical activity to my routine. Running seemed like the perfect option ... ...


09 Jul 2020

Peptan Runners: Running has made me feel happier and more energized | Peterson Godoi

After a tough period of exams, I thought it was the right time to change my diet and start getting more physically active. When I was invited to join the Peptan Runners team, it felt like a turning po...