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Radiant skin and luscious hair from within

Our skin, along with our hair and nails, is often the first thing people notice about us when they look at us.

Next to its appearance, the skin also has a lot of important functions for our body, including:

● Protection: it provides a protective barrier against harmful bacteria and UV-light from the sun 

● Sensation: it acts as a sensory organ for you to experience touch, warmth, or cold

● Regulation: it helps keeping your body temperature at the correct level  

As we age, the quantity and quality of collagen in our bodies decrease leading to: 


  • Reduced skin hydration
  • Reduced elasticity and firmness
  • Visual signs of aging, including wrinkles and pores
  • Weakening of hair fibers, making them brittle and giving them a less radiant appearance

Beautiful skin and hair need a healthy foundation

Laugh lines can look and sound delightful, at the same time, reducing those wrinkles along with dry skin and fuzzy hair can help us feel young and vibrant.

Peptan’s beauty effects were observed in clinical studies.

  • Increases skin firmness

    • 8%

      improvement in skin density* 

  • Increase in elasticity

    • 7%

      Increase in elasticity.* 

  • Increase in skin hydration  

    • 14%

      enhanced skin hydration.*

  • Reduces wrinkle visibility

    • Faster and more visible wrinkle reduction

  • Increases hair health

    • Peptan may play a positive role in addressing (age-induced) hair loss by reinforcing the stem cells and, consequently, sustaining hair follicle health.*

Responsible research and development

Peptan collagen peptides comply with the rules on animal testing related to the development or safety assessment of cosmetic products or its ingredients as formulated in Regulation (EC) N°1223/2009 on cosmetic products and further amendments.
Collagen peptides can be used as an ingredient in the development of cosmetic products. In the validation of the safety of Rousselot collagen peptides, no animal testing has been performed.