Peptan-running shoes

Finding your inner strength

Whether you are 25 or 75 years old, active in different sports or simply working to keep up your daily exercise with walking the dog or going for a stroll in the park, you need a well-functioning musculoskeletal system. This system consists of joints, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Thanks to collagen, our bones and joints stay strong, healthy and flexible.



As we get older, the amount and quality of collagen naturally present in our bodies decreases. Over time, this can lead to several noticeable effects:


  • Weaker and more fragile bones
  • Increased risk of fractures
  • Discomfort and reduced mobility in our joints
  • Losing muscle strength

Stay active and thrive for longer

According to scientific studies, a regular intake of Peptan can help boost collagen production in the body and strengthen connective tissue, supporting our musculoskeletal health. Peptan has been demonstrated in scientific studies to promote joint and bone health. 

  • Maintenance of healthy joints

    • 22%

      improvement of overall joint functionality*

    • 32%

      decrease in joint discomfort*

    • 44%

      more flexibility*

  • Maintenance of bone health*