Elevating sports nutrition at every level

Being an athlete, whether professional or recreational, requires mental and physical strength. Sport is all about maintaining, or improving, our level of performance and fitness. In order to do this, we must keep our bodies in good condition.


Intense training and sports activity can:

  • Affect your muscle building and strength
  • Impair your cartilage tissue integrity
  • Decrease your joint flexibility


Up your game with collagen!

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Peptan, collagen peptides: recovery fuels the fire

Recovery is essential to the well-being and performance of all athletes – who are increasingly looking for effective nutritional solutions.

Premium collagen solutions are natural and safe ingredients to help athletes of all levels recover  faster and better.

  • Fast-lane to muscle recovery

    • 28%

      Less muscle soreness (at all time points after intense exercise)*

    • 13%

      Faster muscle recovery after heavy exercise*

  • Dream of gold

    • 30%

      Reduction in awakenings by 30% and better cognitive performance.*

  • Healthy gut, happier athletes

    • A study showed that supplementation with Peptan could lessen the increase of blood endotoxin levels. Suggesting Peptan might be able to support the intestinal barrier function.*

  • Collagen and whey, better together

    • It was found that substituting half of the whey supplement with Peptan does not negatively impact recovery and performance, whereas it allows to reap the key benefits of each protein.

  • Less pain, all gain

    • One in vivo study demonstrated Peptan’s ability to support bone formation and, in a clinical study, Peptan was shown to enhance joint function, thereby contributing to improved mobility.*


Supporting doping-free sports

Peptan contains premium, safe, and 100% traceable ingredients. It does not contain, or process, substances prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency.  


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Athletes on Peptan

Hear more about what Peptan can do for your sports performance from pro athletes themselves.