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Rousselot as the collagen peptides supplier of Papendal’s pro athletes


Rousselot as the collagen peptides supplier of Papendal’s pro athletes

03 Aug 2019

Peptan to help elite performers reach for new heights

Rousselot has been announced as the supplier of collagen peptides to professional athletes training at High Performance Centre Papendal in the Netherlands. The partnership means Rousselot, the producer and marketer of the world’s leading collagen peptides brand, Peptan®, will provide Papendals’ pro athletes with Peptan throughout 2019 and 2020.

‘The best nutrition for our athletes’
Dr Jeroen Wouters, Innovation Manager Sports & Nutrition at Papendal, is excited about the partnership. ‘Papendal is dedicated to providing the optimal nutrition to the athletes trained at our facility,’ he comments. ‘We look forward to this collaboration with Rousselot, the company behind the Peptan collagen peptide brand, in supporting specific sports nutritional needs of our athletes.’

Contributing to sports achievements
Lisette Van Lith, Global Director Peptan at Rousselot, points out that the partnership is highly exciting. ‘Nutrition for sportspeople is essential to ensure better endurance, strength and recovery after exercise. These elements are particularly critical for professional athletes like those being trained at Papendal in preparation for important matches and tournaments. We’re convinced that Peptan collagen peptides – with sports recovery benefits that have been amply proven in clinical studies published in peer-reviewed journals – will play an important role in the performance of these athletes.”

550 elite athletes
Founded in 1971, Papendal is the largest elite sports center in the Netherlands. It hosts around 550 top athletes, providing them with everything they need in order to train for, and compete in, national and international competitions.

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