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08 Nov 2021

Every so often, we like to interview a Peptan co-branded partner about their company and products. In this edition, we present Sanomotion and their ‘beauty from within’ powder, Radiance Boost.Sanomotion is a Germany-based healthcare company that is expanding into China.


Author: Bin Ma, Founder and General Manager at Sanomotion GmbH

Where did the idea for Sanomotion come from?

I founded Sanomotion back in December 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. The name comes from the Latin word ‘Sano’, meaning health, and the word ‘motion’, meaning movement. As a brand, we also stand for both emotion and science. We want to combine deep practical knowledge with our desire to help people to live fulfilling lives, pursuing the infinite value life can offer.

To achieve this, we have introduced Radiance Boost: a powder product with unparalleled properties, improving general well-being, nourishing hair and nails, cultivating skin beauty and much more.

What is your vision?

Quality is at the heart of our business: our brand stands for responsibility and product safety. At Sanomotion, we only use ingredients that comply with the highest standards and offer proven health benefits. This is one of the fundamental reasons why we use Peptan collagen peptides. Thanks to its solid R&D and scientific studies.

Tell us about the nutricosmetics market.

One of the most wonderful aspects of modern technology is that we can improve so much of the bioactivity, effectiveness, and health benefits of certain food ingredients. For example, we know that collagen is very beneficial for skin, joints and bones. This is one of the reasons why many Asian people eat collagen-rich food such as chicken (with skin), pig knuckles and more.   These foods are particularly rich in collagen, but also have a high level of fat. Furthermore, digesting and absorbing the collagen present in this type of foods requires long cooking times and specific recipes. Peptan collagen peptides are free of fat, clean label and produced at IFS-certified Rousselot plants. Peptan is hydrolyzed, making it easy and ready to use, as well as easy to digest and absorb. This is because the hydrolysis process breaks the material down in to smaller peptides. By integrating Peptan in our products, we can make a safe, effective, and clean ingredient for a modern, healthy lifestyle – and take it around the world.

Thanks to my international background, I can see that nutricosmetic products are trending – and that the trend is quickly growing in both the West and the East. Nutricosmetics are not difficult for consumers to accept; instead, they are welcomed.

Which ingredients are essential in the nutricosmetics market?

For me, ingredients that have an impact on health and well-being as well as on beauty are a key to success. And well-known ingredients, like collagen, that are difficult to absorb in their native state are also popular on the market.

What do you require from collagen peptides as an ingredient used in a nutricosmetics formula?

There are three key needs. First, we need reliable and trustworthy scientific studies with effective communication to back them up; this helps to convince consumers. Second, we want an ingredient that’s clean, reliable, safe, and is produced in a high-quality manufacturing process. And third, we want our collagen peptides to be compatible with different formulations, like powders, ready-to-drinks (RTDs), and capsules. Peptan collagen peptides matches all of these requirements.

Why did you choose a powder drink sachet as your delivery form for Radiance Boost?

There are several reasons. Of course, powder drink sachets are convenient and practical for today’s busy consumers. Sachets allow for a much higher volume of ingredients in a single dose, and, for some, this form can make the product more cost-effective. For us, sachets involve less packaging waste and storage space, so we protect the environment as well as reducing transport costs for distribution.

How have you raised collagen peptide awareness in Germany and Europe? What role has Peptan played in your communication strategy?

The European market is dominated by some earlier and larger players, with smaller groups taking up the rest. It’s a very competitive market and, as a relatively young-start up, we have to work hard to maintain market share. Our collagen product is less than two years old, so we will continue to do more marketing and multi-channel sales both in Germany and across the European Union market, as well as in China.

Peptan is an important component in our marketing strategy, reflecting the high quality of our product. We use the full 5g daily dosage of Peptan, as well as 11 vitamins and minerals with 100% of total daily Nutrients Reference Value (NRV). This allows for a multi-targeted, synergistic marketing approach, assuring our customers that they can get a significant range of ‘beauty from within’ benefits with one product.

As you expand into China, which key differences do you see between the beauty needs of Asian consumers and those in Europe?

After joint and bone health and immunity products, beauty is one of the largest market segments in China. There are two key differences, however. First, the consumer age is younger in the Asian market than in the West: people in Asia start to use preventive solutions earlier on, perhaps for social and traditional reasons. And second, besides hydration, skin whitening is also a focal point in China.

What are the key differentiating points of Radiance Boost compared to local brands?

We want to offer local consumers an alternative beauty product that stands out and, with Radiance Boost, we have three key differentiating points.

What are Sanomotion’s plans for the future?

In the future, we want to launch more products with Peptan inside to enlarge our portfolio. For example, bone and joint supplements, or new dosage forms, such as gummies. We aim to do this both in the EU and China.

Learn about Peptan’s health benefits or find out more about Sanomotion Radiance  

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