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How do you find your inner strength?


How do you find your inner strength?

23 Sep 2021

For centuries, collagen has been a champion in achieving beauty from within. Aside from being an essential skin component, collagen is also a key element in our musculoskeletal system. This article underscores the importance of collagen for mobility and sports performance and explains how to counter the progressive decline of collagen with age, all to ensure an active and healthy lifestyle and boost inner strength.

Collagen: holding our bodies together

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and the main structural component of the connective tissue that supports and protects our organs. It is found throughout the body, from skin cells and blood vessels to the entire musculoskeletal system including tendons, ligaments, cartilage, muscles, and bones.

collagen in musculoskeletal system and skin
collagen in musculoskeletal system and skin

However, collagen production declines with age or owing to lifestyle and stress as well as exposure to UV radiation and pollution. This reduction in collagen affects our bodies in different ways. Skin, for instance, becomes dehydrated and thinner, and visual signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles appear. Muscles lose strength and function, affecting balance, gait, and overall mobility. Wear and tear of joint cartilage increases discomfort. In addition, bones become more brittle and fragile as bone maintenance decreases with age. To sum up, collagen loss weakens the musculoskeletal system, making an active lifestyle more strenuous and increasing the risk of injuries.

To investigate the effects of collagen peptides on supporting our body and boosting our inner strength, Rousselot carried out several scientific studies to understand the mechanism behind and how supplement collagen peptides can help promote health benefits.

How does collagen supplementation work?

Collagen peptides result from a carefully designed process called hydrolysis, in which collagen is cut into smaller pieces, and these cuts increase the absorption of collagen peptides through the intestinal wall. As they are absorbed into the bloodstream, they become bioavailable. [1]

Collagen peptides are absorbed either as free amino acids or peptides. This is only possible because collagen peptides are rich in hydroxyproline, an amino acid that forms stable connections with other amino acids. Since these connections are highly resistant to the activity of digestive enzymes, the amino acids are held together during the digestion process, in the form of peptides.

What do bioavailability and bioactivity mean for boosting your inner strength?

Aside from being absorbed and becoming bioavailable, collagen peptides are also bioactive. Bioactivity refers to the effect a nutrient has on the function of a tissue (also referred to as messenger effect). In the case of collagen peptides, after being absorbed, they trigger the synthesis and reorganization of new collagen fibers, improving the collagen matrix, and positively affecting skin, bones, muscles, and joints as demonstrated in scientific studies. [2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9]

collagen hydrolysis to collagen peptides
collagen hydrolysis to collagen peptides

Natural beauty from inside out

Collagen peptides nurture our skin from its foundations, helping to increase the production of hyaluronic acid and skin moisture. [2] Research has shown that Peptan® reduces aging signs and increases skin firmness and providing skin with the collagen it needs and supporting skin structure at its deepest layers [2], Peptan® offers a convenient daily nourishment to combat aging skin. Studies have also shown that Peptan® benefits hair beauty.[3]

Stay young, keep mobile

For maintaining an active lifestyle or improved sports performance, you need a strong musculoskeletal system. This is dependent on the collagen matrix that supports all elements in this system. Studies have shown that Peptan® can help promote joint function and reduce joint stiffness [4]. Other studies have concluded that Peptan® promotes bone health and support bone strength. [5, 6, 7, 8]

Recovery through nutrition

Peptan® collagen peptides are not only ideal for ageing people and those aiming to rejuvenate their looks, but also for sportspeople. Healthier muscles and joints reduce recovery time after exercise, enhance muscle building and endurance, improve performance, and help mitigate the risk factors associated with intense sporting activity. A study with Peptan® has shown a reduction in muscle soreness and accelerated recovery after intense exercise [9], helping sports people to reach their goals.

One simple daily habit for a healthier tomorrow

Peptan® supports your active lifestyle and beauty by helping you find and reveal your inner strength. It is easy to fit into your daily routine; it is neutral in taste and odor, and it can be used with other protein sources such as whey and soy. It is highly soluble in cold water and heat resistant, so you can drink it with smoothies and soups or add it to any other recipe, like a home-baked cake. Do it your way and enjoy all benefits Peptan® has to offer!

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