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Product of the month - Meeting Malaysia's health, fitness and beauty needs with Naturion

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Product of the month - Meeting Malaysia's health, fitness and beauty needs with Naturion

29 Sep 2021

Continuing our series of monthly interviews with Peptan co-branded partners, we introduce Naturion, a company that works with Peptan to produce high-quality Naturion collagen for the market in Malaysia.

Author: Manfred Wong, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Naturion Sdn Bhd

Tell us about Naturion collagen

At Naturion, we produce high-quality and innovative collagen supplements for the Malaysian market. Our products have unbeatable benefits and are used by hundreds of people throughout the country to support their health, fitness, and beauty.

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Can you briefly tell us about the history of Naturion?

Naturion Sdn Bhd was established in 2002. Before we moved into collagen supplements, we represented Rousselot in raw material distribution in Malaysia. After almost two decades, in 2018, we relaunched as a collagen supplement company, working with Peptan to reach the market in Malaysia. Now, our products are sold at most leading pharmacies, chain stores, and beauty clinics and salons across the country. It’s also sold to sold in ASIA via online & offline.

Why did you decide to move into the collagen market?

Consumers are becoming more aware of the health benefits of collagen peptides, certainly in Malaysia, which is a largely untapped market. We see this as a major opportunity. And by partnering with a brand like Peptan, we knew we could take advantage of it.

What are consumers looking for in their dietary supplements?

In particular, today’s consumers are interested in anti-aging, bone and joint health, sport recovery and weight management products. Collagen products for skin and beauty are growing in popularity, too.

How do consumers view collagen, and why do you think supplements like yours are gaining popularity? 

Collagen supplements are becoming well-known in the market for their versatility: collagen is no longer associated only with beauty but is seen as a holistic supplement with multiple health benefits, including joint health, bone health, and fitness. Meanwhile, more and more consumers are learning about health and beauty through the Internet. This means people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of collagen. They are drawing on a number of key channels for this: from reading the science behind collagen to seeing online influencers highlighting the impact it can have on health and wellbeing.

Why do consumers love your products?

The main reason consumers love our products is simple: they work! Efficacy is hugely important for today’s consumers, so when they use Naturion collagen and notice a difference in their skin condition, or can feel relief joint discomfort, they keep coming back for more.

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As you can see from our testimonials, Naturion and Peptan products have helped numerous consumers to live happier, healthier lives, to making them feel more confident and ‘beautiful from within’ by resolving their skin issues. Here at Naturion, we love hearing these success stories and developing relationships like these with our customers. At the end of the day, that’s what our business is all about!

 What led you to partner with Peptan? Which factors affected your decision?

The biggest reason is Peptan’s formulation versatility: the organoleptic properties, solubility, and wettability of Peptan enables us to easily create the products we know our consumers will love. Of course, the high-quality and science-backed benefits of Peptan collagen peptides were also a key factor in our decision to partner with them. Peptan’s high bioavailability, recently demonstrated clinically, is important too: it gives us the assurance that our products will be effective and help our consumers.

How does Peptan help you stand out from other supplements?

Our co-branding with a global leader like Peptan gives our customers the assurance that they are getting the highest quality collagen peptides around, and that they can trust the source. With all the information available on the Peptan website, they can look up and read more about the product, from science to quality assurance. This gives them even more confidence that they have made the right choice.

Which consumers are you reaching out to help, and what problem are you solving for them? 

Many of our customers have joint issues and using Naturion with Peptan helps to relieve their pain.  However, they are not our only focus, as we deliberately do not have a strictly defined target market. Our strong portfolio of health and beauty products attracts men and women of all ages, with different needs.

How have you been reaching these consumers in Malaysia?

At the moment, we promote our products through both online and offline channels. For offline sales, our products are placed in pharmacy outlets, food supplements chain stores and beauty stores or sold directly through local sub-agents. Online, our products are promoted on some of the most popular shopping websites in Southeast Asia, like Lazada, Shopee, and 11Street.

Sometimes, we reach our audience with special marketing campaigns. For example, a few years ago, Naturion co-sponsored the “2016 Mrs Malaysia Global” beauty event, at a major gala dinner. It was so exciting to be part of that, and great to be able to share the ‘beauty from within’ benefits of our collagen products.

What’s next to be developed for Naturion Collagen?

In terms of products, we are currently exploring collagen-based beauty products that only use natural organic materials. This will help us reach a new audience, like the young, environmentally conscious, and ethical consumers. On top of that, we are actively developing the online side of our business. For example, we are boosting our online advertising, targeting larger audiences through Facebook and Instagram. The goal is to improve our product visibility and make more people aware of the benefits of Naturion collagen.

To read more about Naturion and the supplement they offer, visit the Naturion website.

Purchase your Naturion Collagen at Ascen Plus Pharmacy, the leading pharmacy in Klang Valley Area, Kuala Lumpur.

Where to buy Naturion collagen with Peptan

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