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07 Sep 2021

For many centuries, a cup of tea has provided an ideal moment of quiet and refreshment.  With this hot, latte-style chai*, you can enjoy a wholesome, keto-friendly pick-me-up with the added health benefits of Peptan collagen peptides.

This low-carb tea recipe uses butter, which creates a smooth texture and rich flavor, alongside collagen peptides and a dash of honey, to spice up your cup of tea and give it a nutritional boost.

How to make it

To make this delicious drink, just mix all the ingredients together for 5 seconds and enjoy it warm.

  • 5 to 10g of butter or ghee
  • 10 to 20g of Peptan collagen peptides
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Spiced tea and water
chai tea


Butter is a dairy product that’s rich in protein and fat from milk or cream. Peptan collagen peptides offer a range of science-backed benefits, including hair health, sports nutrition, and bone health. Just adding a spoonful to your food or drink recipe is enough!

Fun fact: did you know that using butter and milk in tea has been a tradition in Tibet for over 1,000 years? It has helped the Himalayans to keep hydrated 10,000 feet above sea level.

If you’re looking for a hot drink that will help you relax and give you a health boost at the same time, this hot chai latte is the recipe for you. Try it out today and enjoy the holistic benefits of Peptan.

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*Recipe developed by Peptan ambassador Rémi Blanchard

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