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Visiting Barcelona? Hop on the Peptan bus

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Visiting Barcelona? Hop on the Peptan bus

19 Mar 2019


Are you planning to visit Barcelona this year? If so, make sure you catch a ride on one of the Peptan buses crisscrossing the city. With our distribution partner Solchem, we are running a three-month bus campaign in Barcelona. While bus banners and posters share the health benefits of Peptan, travelers get to enjoy some of the city’s famous sights.

Barcelona, the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean coast, home to 1.6 million citizens and one of the most popular international city tourism destinations in Europe. Hop on bus lines 67, 41 and 34 and you’ll be able to see some of the city’s famous cities, such as Plaza de CatalunyaPlaza Universidad and more (check the bus information below for more details).

A favorite health brand in Spain

Peptan is the world’s leading collagen peptides brand. A favorite in Spain, Peptan is widely known among the country’s consumers for its health and wellness benefits. Peptan provides multiple health benefits by acting as building blocks for healthy joints, bones and muscles as well as skin – all benefits backed by strong scientific studies.* Many collagen supplements available in Spanish pharmacies contain Peptan, they can be found on’s Where to Buy. These products also enjoy broad distribution throughout Europe via online health stores.

Different health themes per month

Throughout the Barcelona campaign, we will touch on different themes. For example, in March the focus was on collagen peptides for a healthy lifestyle, in June we will highlight bone and joint health, and in September we will communicate about optimal sports performance.

Want to learn more about Peptan and its health benefits? Looking for a place to buy it? Or interested in where to find the Peptan buses in Barcelona? Visit or contact us today.

The Peptan bus routes 

Information adapted from Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona


Line 67 departs from Plaza de Catalunya next to Las Ramblas boulevard, a tourism  hot spot. The bus takes you to Plaza Universidad and up through Aribau Streen until you reach Diagonal Mar shopping mall, then on through the university area, past the Pedralbes Palace gardens and Cervantes Park, reaching its final stop in the riverside municipality of Cornella de Llobregat. On the way back, it follows a similar route down through Balmes Street, one of the busiest and most prominent avenues in Barcelona, and back to Plaza de Catalunya.


Line 41 also leaves from Plaza de Catalunya and passes Plaza Universidad. Then it goes up to Sant Antoni market, through Calabria Street and Josep Tarradellas Avenue, ending up in Francesc Macia square, another favorite spot among tourists and shoppers. On the way back, Line 41 goes through Floridablanca Street, finally bringing you back to Plaza de Catalunya.


Line 34 winds goes through the whole city of Barcelona. It starts at Virrei Amat square, right above the metro station of the same name, then takes you through Pegaso park, a great place to enjoy green spaces, lush vegetation and the shade of trees, and Mallorca Street until it reaches the Sagrada Familia, which, as you may know, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most admired tourist attractions of Barcelona. The bus also passes some emblematic buildings in very crowded streets and goes through Diagonal Street until it reaches the beautiful neighbourhoods of Sarria, including General Mitre and Manuel Girona streets. On the way back, the bus goes back to the Diagonal before reaching its starting point again.

*Peptan’s science behind

Joint health

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Bone health

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Skin beauty

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