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09 Jun 2022

‘Don’t wait till you have joint or other issues to start benefiting from collagen’

Spanish podcast with insights on the benefits of taking collagen supplements, as well as some tips on the best way to incorporate it into a daily routine....

sontal product

09 Nov 2020

Start your day with Sontal® Collagen, celebrating 10 years of promoting quality of life

On the program Elmarie and Johan Esterhuyse, owner and co-founder, tell the story behind SONTAL® collagen and provide a short introduction to the benefits of their product with Peptan collagen peptid...

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28 Sep 2020

Product of the Month - Creating a universal health style with Mattisson

Mattisson Healthstyle, a company passionate about healthy and sustainable products which has developed several products containing Peptan collagen peptides  for promote a healthy lifestyle....

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20 Jul 2020

Product of the month - Sanavita's hyaluronic skin: advanced technology for greater beauty

This month Andrea Dario Frias, P&D and Regulatory Affairs manager from Sanavita, a food manufacturer specializing in healthy functional products and food supplements that has science, innovation and s...