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Peptan Runners: Keeping mind and body in balance | Marcelo


Peptan Runners: Keeping mind and body in balance | Marcelo

11 Jun 2020


Why I got into running

“When the Peptan Runners program began, it was just an extra activity in my workout routine; we already had a group of mountain cyclists, and we practiced almost every weekend. Now, running is the main part: I run three times a week. Running is important to me, because I want to maintain my physical condition, feel better, and prevent diseases linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Research shows that running can strengthen the heart and build stronger bones, so I knew that picking it up would be beneficial.


“Research suggests that running can strengthen the heart, build stronger bones, and help fight depression.”


My best 10km experience

I enjoy running 5km and 10km, but I love street racing. Being part of the races is always exciting; there’s a lot of positive energy around, pushing you to achieve your best! My favorite running experience came in my first 10km race. I was at the start of my training, so I wasn’t fully fit. The race was tough, with several climbs, but getting to the finish line was so overwhelming – the feeling was incomparable!


Balancing body and mind

There are so many benefits to the Peptan Runners program. The team organizes training and events for us, while specialized professionals give us technical support and nutritional advice. I love getting to socialize and interact with colleagues, the great sense of accomplishment, and the improvement in my physical and mental health. For me, running keeps body and mind in balance.”


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