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Peptan Runners: Running is a fun way to socialize with colleagues | Ademir


Peptan Runners: Running is a fun way to socialize with colleagues | Ademir

09 Jul 2020

Running is now a key part of my life.

Ademir Jacometo de Oliveira, Project Engineer at Rousselot Brazil

Boosting my routine with running

“I already spend a lot of time cycling and swimming, but I wanted to add another physical activity to my routine. Running seemed like the perfect option, as it would help me build more muscle and increase my cardiopulmonary resistance – exactly what I wanted to develop. Plus, it seemed like a fun way to socialize with colleagues!

Peptan runners : a remarkable running moment

Running is now a key part of my life. In total, I run alone three times a week and in a group once every 15 days. I’ve learned a lot from the training sessions organized by the Peptan Runners team and the expertise they offer during races. I really enjoy the short and medium distance races, from 5 to 15km. But my favorite experience has to be when I ran my first half-marathon. At the time, I thought it would be impossible to run so far! On top of that, it was next to the Paraná River in my hometown, Presidente Epitácio, so it was a truly remarkable moment in my life.

Essential to my well-being

It’s well known that running can improve your physical and mental health, from increasing endorphin levels to improving social bonds, and, for me, the Peptan Runners program has done just that! It’s helped me to improve both my quality of life and my outlook when facing my day-to-day schedule. It keeps me healthy, allows me to connect with nature, helps me to focus, and just makes me feel good. And by bringing people from different departments together, Peptan Runners enables us to build connections and share that great sense of accomplishment as a team. All in all, running is essential to my well-being.”

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